• How Important Is Your Credit Score with Payday Loans?

    Payday loans are basically short term loans where the lender gives a small amount to the borrower at higher interest rates than conventional loans. The repayment of a payday loan is done when the

  • Reasons to Reclaim a Mis-Sold Payday Loan

    Do you qualify to reclaim a mis-sold payday loan? If you think lenders may have mis-sold the short-term loan, you can file a complaint against them, asking for a refund. Before you can take any

  • Your Auto Finance Checklist

    It’s everybody’s dream to have their own car to drive around. Irrespective of the quality of a public transportation system in the area, having your own car can solve a number of different

  • E1C

    At Everyone Counts, teaching young ones is our passion. Receiving a proper education at a young age is critical to a person's development. Between the ages of five and fifteen, the human brain is